Richard Tymko

Richard worked for Atomic Energy of Canada in Chalk River, Ontario, then at White Shell Nuclear Research Establishment at Pinawa, Manitoba, followed by a 3 year teaching stint at NAIT, Edmonton; teaching Chemistry, Gas Chromatography, Glass Blowing and Gas Processing Technology. He then joined Hewlett Packard as Technical Sales Rep/Specialist for Western Canada. Over the next 31 years he moved to eastern Canada in various specialist/Managerial roles. After retiring in 1998, he Started K' (prime) Technologies Inc. to sell Agilent Analytical Instrumentation as a Manufacturer's Representative. Having sold this very successful business he started Transcendent Enterprises Inc. for the sole purpose of developing PLIS/HPLIS for the Petro Chemical Industry as this was a technology that was lacking in this scientific community. He has managed this successful business operation for the past 15 years.


Something you did not know about Richard!

As a hobby Richard spends hours building and rebuilding cars such as a 1937 Ford, a 1965 Mustang to just recently a 1962 Corvair. Richard is currently working on his very first "Rat Rod".