Proposed ASTM TVP

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This is a gas chromatographic method using a Heated Pressurized Liquid Injection System HPLIS®, split / splitless inlet, capillary column, and flame ionization detector. A calibration mixture which fully elutes from the capillary column, consisting of a full range of hydrocarbons including methane, ethane and normal paraffins up to C24 is used to ensure system performance (Sec 7). This calibration mixture serves as an external response standard to determine sample recovery. Samples are introduced to the GC system by loading the HPLIS® valve under pressure followed by the pneumatic piston action of the HPLIS® injection system introducing the sample into the gas chromatographic injection port.

The standard test method for determination of light hydrocarbons and cut point Intervals in live crude oils and condensates by gas chromatography can be purchased at